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Teaching Art

"Seexeng is a recognized artist and a passionate educator. His work is recognized nationally for its beauty, its power and its mythic hold on meaning. Specifically, what it means to be Hmong in America and through time. Seexeng's work is a testament to the passion and perseverance of a community that has come a long ways to today and continues on a road that will lead us to places weve never been."

- Kao Kalia Yang - (Author of "The Latehomecomer", by Coffee House Press. 2008)
Latest Event
2015 Legacy Day Mural

2015 Legacy Day Mural

The Blake School

The tunnel linking the Hopkins Lower School to the Middle School is undergoing a colorful transformation thanks to art teacher Seexeng Lee and a group of Blake student-artists. Look for more on this project in the months to come! (Video by Nadia Lee) [read more]

Post on: June 8, 2015 9:56:00 AM

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We are MPS

Seexeng Lee is currently teaching for his 15th year with MPS as a visual arts teacher at Thomas Edison High School. Before working at Edison, Seexeng spent time as an art teacher at North, West Central, Lincoln, Henry and at his alma mater, South High.

Seexeng teaches classes such as IB art, drawing, painting, independent studies and art in the community. Many days he also stays late to help students with their classwork or direct them in completing public art pieces that have been commissioned to the classes at the school. "Art has a unique way of bringing people together as a community," Seexeng said. "I have students who receive special education services working alongside valedictorians and recent immigrants. Working with different students every day and bringing them together is the best part about my job."

Seexeng took charge to create community artwork at Edison to make students feel like they truly belong. Rather than painting murals of which future students may not feel ownership, Seexeng promotes artwork that can change with each new class of students. "When each class creates a banner that we can hang in the school and archive as classes graduate, we are able to create an authentic sense of belonging while refreshing the artwork year to year," Seexeng said.

Artwork by Seexeng's students has been featured throughout Minneapolis. Student Delphin Niyonkuru's art piece, entitled "Dream Realized," advanced to the semi-final round of the Dream 50 Contest, a nationwide art competition. The piece is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I have a Dream' Speech. "Dream Realized" is plastered on billboards all over the city.

Two Edison student teams' 4x8' mural designs have been accepted by East Side Food Co-op. The murals will be installed on the north wall of East Side Food Co-op later this spring.

When he isn't at school, Seexeng enjoys spending time with his family and working on art projects in the community. He is also an experienced public speaker and enjoys meeting with student groups outside of school.