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"Seexeng has a good sense of humor and is a joyful, thoughtful person who takes responsibilities seriously and involves all students in being successful in their educational pursuits. I have also observed him in collegial conversations with persons from many different countries. He is at ease in presenting himself in a non-threatening and caring manner. He is a strong team member who builds sound working relationships and does all parts of projects from inception to completion, no matter how involved or tedious."

- Sally A. Baas - Director Southeast Asian Teacher Licensure ProgramHmong Culture and Language Program
Special Education Program, College of Education
Latest Event
2015 Legacy Day Mural

2015 Legacy Day Mural

The Blake School

The tunnel linking the Hopkins Lower School to the Middle School is undergoing a colorful transformation thanks to art teacher Seexeng Lee and a group of Blake student-artists. Look for more on this project in the months to come! (Video by Nadia Lee) [read more]

Post on: June 8, 2015 9:56:00 AM

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A People's History of the HmongA People's History of the Hmong

A People's History of the Hmong

Post on: June 25, 2015 9:36:38 AM

I am honored to have been included in this historic and groundbreaking book. I too am inspired and moved by the depth of A People's History of the Hmong. Professor Hillmer is a masterful composer, in that, his work captivates and compels readers. He truly portrays a complete account of our people's experiences, successes, struggles, rituals and traditions. Through the captivating stories told by the Hmong people of young and old, from prominent figures to ordinary citizens, A People's History of the Hmong painted a vivid picture of the Hmong experience and gave voices to people who for too long didn't have one. He also shed light on events that often were left in the dark and captured the resilience of these individuals as a Hmong people. This book provides answers to many of the questions I have long pondered. I was moved by it and am sure future generations will too.

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