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"Seexeng is a recognized artist and a passionate educator. His work is recognized nationally for its beauty, its power and its mythic hold on meaning. Specifically, what it means to be Hmong in America and through time. Seexeng's work is a testament to the passion and perseverance of a community that has come a long ways to today and continues on a road that will lead us to places weve never been."

- Kao Kalia Yang - (Author of "The Latehomecomer", by Coffee House Press. 2008)
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2015 Legacy Day Mural

2015 Legacy Day Mural

The Blake School

The tunnel linking the Hopkins Lower School to the Middle School is undergoing a colorful transformation thanks to art teacher Seexeng Lee and a group of Blake student-artists. Look for more on this project in the months to come! (Video by Nadia Lee) [read more]

Post on: June 8, 2015 9:56:00 AM

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2011: A Year in Review2011: A Year in Review2011: A Year in Review2011: A Year in Review

2011: A Year in Review

Post on: June 11, 2011 9:21:50 PM

2011 has been a banner year for Hmong in the arts. But no year in review would be complete without talking about the passing of General Vang Pao. At the time of this publication it will have been almost exactly one year since the General left us and lost his last battle with pneumonia. ??His passing sparked a beautiful new project, a large full color biography of his life and times. His journey reads like the journey of a people and is a tribute to a culture. Look for it on bookstore shelves soon.

This year also marked the 10th annual Hmong Resource Fair. Over the years it has become the place for families to go for information on schools, social services and even fun. An estimated over 1,000 people attended this year. ??Whether it was theater, film arts, painting or writing; this year has been a good year for the advancement of art in the Hmong community.??

In March artist Seexeng Lee was featured in the gallery show "About Face" at the Minnetonka Art Center. The show featured portrait art in several mediums. His goldleaf portrait of General Vang Pao, "Icon" was joined by pieces from up and coming artists Kao Choua Vue and Kao Na "Raynie" Vang.??In May young artists again took the spotlight with "Finding My Soal." The Center for Hmong Art and Talent Youth Leadership Group wrote, acted in, and directed much of this play. Katie Ka Vang of CHAT explained that about 15 youth are selected to be part of the group and that they work over the course of 9 months to identify key issues in the Hmong community and address them in a play. This year's piece "Finding my Soal" addressed the issue of polygamy through fairytale.

Throughout the summer and fall the Hmong Arts Connection hosted a series of "Fireside Chats" and writers workshops with Hmong writers. May Lee-Yang of Hmong Arts Connection, said she was excited that Hmong writing had gotten to the point where Hmong writers could teach workshops. Burlee Vang of California, Mai Neng Moua and Ka Vang were all featured.??Lee-Yang took workshop teaching to a new level with the Hmong Women Write Now writers retreat. In partnership with Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together the two organizations joined forces to produce an anthology of Hmong women and girls voices.??

Tou Saiko Lee, MC and spoken word artist has become an expert at acknowledging and incorporating Hmong traditional art into his work. Through his travels in Thailand he interviewed and later produced a documentary with the help of Justin Schell, "Travel in Spirals." The two are now collaborating again on Schell's project "We Rock Long Distance" which features the work of Lee.

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