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"I am very impressed with your knowledge and abilities to articulate with words and through your artwork the passion you have for preserving our Hmoob history. Your innovative artwork has definitely forced me to reflect on my own ambitions."

- Nkauj Hmoob Vaaj -
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2015 Legacy Day Mural

2015 Legacy Day Mural

The Blake School

The tunnel linking the Hopkins Lower School to the Middle School is undergoing a colorful transformation thanks to art teacher Seexeng Lee and a group of Blake student-artists. Look for more on this project in the months to come! (Video by Nadia Lee) [read more]

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Seexeng Lee Featured in Forecast Public Art's 'Outdoor/Indoor Art'Seexeng Lee Featured in Forecast Public Art's 'Outdoor/Indoor Art'

Seexeng Lee Featured in Forecast Public Art's "Outdoor/Indoor Art"

Post on: November 4, 2009 1:45:38 AM

Seexeng Lee Featured in Forecast Public Art's "Outdoor/Indoor Art"

By Amy Doeun

For 30 years now Forecast Public Art has been providing resources to artists and consumers of art as well. Its mission reads, "Our mission is to strengthen and advance the field of public art locally, nationally and internationally by expanding participation, supporting artists, informing audiences and assisting communities."

One way that Forecast does this is through an annual art exhibit in collaboration with Hennepin County. A multicultural committee through the county helps to arrange the show. Melinda Childs, consultant and grants manager for Forecast said of the artists selected, "They are trying to serve all their constituents throughout the county." The theme for the exhibit, is "Outdoor/Indoor Art," and features artists from a variety of backgrounds including African American, Latino, and South Pacific Islanders. The artists contributed both "indoor" and "outdoor" pieces. Seexeng Lee is featured prominently.

Peter Brabson, an intern at Forecast and the curator for the exhibit which is on display at the Hennepin County Government Building has been involved with the arts for a long time either as an artist or curator. He said of art, "We all need to do something to make life more positive, art can create a dialogue between cultures and ages and lead to discussions about other relevant matters."

One initiative supported by this art exhibit is a drive to reduce graffiti. "The same skills can be used to go to school and become graphic designers. It can lead to something that can be productive," Brabson said.

Brabson said that he found Seexeng Lee on the internet and was impressed with his images.

Seexeng chose his outdoors piece "Immigration Emotion," "because I feel that we, as Americans, one of the greatest group of people on this earth could never be reminded enough that this great country of ours came to fruition, because we are a country of immigrants. Immigrants with a great work ethic, strong cultural heritage who seek new opportunity with all cylinders running. I also believe that we need to be reminded that we all have traveled the same path, dealt with the same struggles and experienced the same sort of successes. The only thing that separated us was generations, time and space."

The indoor pieces for Lee include, "US." He said, "I included this piece to enhance this belief of mine (Proud of my heritage, proud to be an American, knows what it means to be an American, love the ideals of individual and collective effort.) It serves as another reminder that "US" stands for United States and or us - that we are who we are because it took all of us to make this nation of ours great, and thus we ought to never forget it."

The exhibit will be on display through November 28th at the Hennepin County Government building in downtown Minneapolis. For more information go to the Forecast website at

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