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The Painter

"Seexeng is a recognized artist and a passionate educator. His work is recognized nationally for its beauty, its power and its mythic hold on meaning. Specifically, what it means to be Hmong in America and through time. Seexeng's work is a testament to the passion and perseverance of a community that has come a long ways to today and continues on a road that will lead us to places weve never been."

- Kao Kalia Yang - (Author of "The Latehomecomer", by Coffee House Press. 2008)
Latest Event
2015 Legacy Day Mural

2015 Legacy Day Mural

The Blake School

The tunnel linking the Hopkins Lower School to the Middle School is undergoing a colorful transformation thanks to art teacher Seexeng Lee and a group of Blake student-artists. Look for more on this project in the months to come! (Video by Nadia Lee) [read more]

Post on: June 8, 2015 9:56:00 AM

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"The Painter"

Watching Seexeng, the Painter, serenely toiling without the least foiling rhyming the colors of time to delicately chime charms and wonders, writing poems without a word, sparkling existence with grace, powdering radiance to a face, giving life to a theme, and music to a dream, chanting beauties, and brushing melodies in silence honoring excellence and acclaiming magnificence, touching the soul of those who search and wander the earth in quest of truth, harmony, wisdom and simplicity; with ingenuity and creativity, he visualizes loveliness in ordinary things to inspire the hearts and fascinate the wits, carves splendor, crafts feelings to transcend the mind, exalt the spirits, and enflame the passion to greatness completion, I see life, a masterpiece or a defect, yet no one but me the builder and architect; a pathway of handicaps or opportunities, an easy loving journey or a field of grieves, happy or miserable, it's up to my will, perception and determination to fulfill, not depending on whatsoever the circumstance but solely on my stance and performance.

I have the power and liberty to choose to and make things happen and win, or let them occur and I lose.

The strength is in my determination, and achievement in the exact proportion of my wish and desire, enthusiasm and drive.

Yesterday, the canvas without a frame; tomorrow, uncertain, an empty frame with no work of art; for the bright and smart, only now, the present moment, to all purpose and intent, a precious gift to enjoy fully, a loan to assume responsibly, is most essential, fundamental and crucial, a piece of fine art in the making or a meaningless scratch unfolding of which I'm the artist, a free style designer, creator and curator-conservationist.

- by LiCho
(Authro, Poet and ED of HYES)